Western Project Services

Site Management

WPS provides high quality and client-focussed resident engineers, project engineers, project managers, surveillance officers, quality assurance and other support roles. These positions can be as a standalone site management team, or in an embedded team arrangement with partner firms and client groups.

Our site management capability is demonstrated by WPS sole or joint accountability for the delivery of significant and complex projects for the Infrastructure and Place (major projects) division of Transport for NSW.

We recently provided and are currently actively providing, site management teams for:

  • Great Western Highway – 3km upgrade at Raglan (circa $80m) under a hybrid delivery model
  • Newell Highway – 28km upgrade at Mungle Back Creek north of Moree (circa $200m) under a GC21 construct only tender
  • Newell Highway – 10km Parkes bypass (circa $175m) under a traditional GC21 construct only tender