Western Project Services

Asset Management

Upon completion and verification of your project, WPS is able to provide Clients with a life cycle management plan, so that their life expectancies are achieved with minimum maintenance and rectification works. We do this through regular assessment of the asset, catelouging the state of the asset and recommending an ongoing management plan for any areas of risk.

Western Project Services is utilising Digital Asset Assessments to provide value for money in a wide range of regional applications:

  • Condition Survey for Council Revaluations
  • Disaster Recovery Evidence (pre-disaster, post-disaster, and completion)
  • Routine Maintenance Inspections and Achievements
  • Asset Management and Corridor Planning applications
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Project Completion Inspections
  • Traffic Control Inspections

Our technology has extensive capability including:


  • High-definition transverse road profile capture every 10m
  • Dual band GPS
  • Class 4 roughness devices
  • Optional laser profilometer
  • Developed specifically for regional applications
  • Digital Survey undertaken at speeds up to 100km/h
  • Asset condition footage logged at posted speed limit
  • Improved safety by limiting operator time near live roads, eliminating the need for traffic control, and streamlining site mobilisation